We’re a down-to-earth tattoo & body piercing studio located in Croydon, Greater London. Feel free to peruse our site, check out our work, read our verbal diarrhoea and judge us on our own merits.

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Sims Tattoos was set up by myself, Brad Sims, in June 1992. I had been teaching myself (not advisable, kids!) at home for a couple of years, thanks to some very trusting, possibly insane friends who let me conduct my experiments on their skin. My first premises was in Portland Road, South Norwood. I worked there alone until 1995 when I was joined by Holger Mauesberger who worked there till 2001 when he left to set up “Left Hand Path Tattoos” in New Zealand. In 2002, I moved from Norwood to Croydon to team up with Bodyworks Piercing on Whitehorse Road where Sims Tattoos stayed until 2009. During this time I met Marie, who was piercing at the time for Bodyworks, and her future partner, Dor Stocker, who began an apprenticeship with me in 2003. We moved our disfunctional little family unit to 69 Windmill road, where we currently reside, in January 2009.

We run a down to earth business. No arty farty pretentiousness will be tolerated. If you think you know how it is in a tattoo shop because you have watched a few of the reality TV shows about it, think again. Make sure bad attitudes are left at home when coming to see us, and bring a sense of humour. This is meant to be fun, you know.



Owner of Sims Tattoos since 1992. Loves large-scale oriental-influenced and dark, marcarbre work. Believes all you need to know about an artist is in their work. Nothing more.



Been tattooing since his arrival at Sims in 2003. Fan of traditional, Japanese and black-and-grey artwork. Loves The Simpsons, but hates Sundays.



Been piercing for over ten years. Started as a receptionist at Bodyworks and progressed from there. Loves doing surface piercings. Has a son with Dor named Kane.



Piercing By Marie Inc. Sims Tattoos opened their combined brand new studio in February 2009. No expense was spared in creating a efficient, comfortable, and welcoming studio with uncomprosmising levels of hygiene.

Previous to this Marie worked for the infamous Bodyworks piercing centre, of Parker Road and Whitehorse Road, over a period of eight years. Starting as a weekend member of reception staff, Marie, inspired by her love and interest of body piercing, went onto complete an extensive apprenticeship, and eventually to gain the prestigious appointment of principal piercer whilst managing the leading body piercing studio and its staff.

Sims Tattoos and Bodyworks joined forces to create their hugely successful partnership and Whitehorse Road studio in December 2001.

Having been taught the art of skilled piercing by the renowned Gary Scott, Marie is one of few piercers adept at the freehand piercing technique, which is practised whenever viable at the new studio. Marie has been fully licensed and endorsed by Croydon Council throughout her body piercing career.

Your main choices for jewellery are:




While we’ve tried to give as much information as we possibly can on these pages, you’re always better off coming down to the studio and speaking to us directly to answer any questions or worries you may have.

For a list of our prices, please download our price guide in PDF format:




Congratulations! You’re now the owner of a brand new tattoo. But what do you do now? Well, if you’ve had a tattoo before, then you probably know everything you’re about to read here – but it never hurts to refresh your memory. If you’ve never had a tattoo before, however, then you must read this and adhere to the instructions below. It can be the difference having a great looking tattoo that’ll stay looking great for many years or a painful, scabby one that’ll most likely need retouching sooner rather than later.


Remove and throw away dressing from anywhere between 2 to 24 hours, depending on the size and complexity of the tattoo. Ask us if you are unsure.


Wash gently with warm water and soap and your bare hand. Do not use a flannel or similar.


Pat area dry lightly with a clean towel.


Wash hands before applying a small amount of cream – we recommend Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment. Yes, it’s a nappy rash cream, but don’t laugh! It works wonders on tattoos. Make sure the cream is rubbed in well to the tattoo and do not leave any on the surface of the skin. This cream may be used 2 times a day.


Repeat this process daily until the tattoo is healed. (Wash once a day – cream twice.)


Whilst your tattoo is healing do not to pick, scratch, deface or infect it with any substance. This is what leads to bad scarring and poor looking tattoos!


Try not to sleep on it or wear clothing that will rub on it.



I’m thinking about getting tattoo. Do you have any advice for me?

Many people are getting tattooed at the moment to be part of a fashionable elite or to copy their favourite celebrity. People who get ‘fad’ tattoos often regret it when the ‘fad’ is over. Personally I have seen many trends come and go and my advice is to look a little deeper. Rather than getting names or clubs or band names, etc. why not get something a little more personal or vague? With many people this works best in the long run. Tattooing is a unique opportunity for self-expression, use it wisely.

How do I book an appointment? Can I do it online?

No. We don’t take bookings online or over the phone. To book an appointment, you’ll have to physically drop by the studio and talk to us and book it in in person. This allows us to give you a quote of how long the work will take, collect the deposit (25% of the final amount based on an hourly rate), and you can check out the studio and take a look at our work and talk to us in person, which if it’s your first time getting tattooed is a godsend, as the more you know about where you’re getting tattooed the less nerve-wracking the experience will be!

How old do I have to be to get a tattoo?

We have a strict over 18’s policy. You must be over 18 years of age, and have valid ID (driving licence, passport). If we’re not conviced that you’re over 18, and you have no ID. Then no tattoo.

But my parent/guardian said I could get one, and said they’d accompany me!

That’s not a question, and it’s still no. We do not perform tattoos on people who are younger than 18 years of age, and if you find someone who will do it for you, firstly, I would suggest you think twice and secondly, they would be BREAKING THE LAW.

Do you have any rules regarding the studio?

Yes! Please respect the rules in a tattoo studio. These are no smoking, no kids, no booze, and make a note of the deposit policy. These rules may seem petty, but they are there for a reason. Show some respect and you’ll get some back. Plus, mobile phones to be switched off at all times in working area.

Do you accept Debit Cards, Credit Cards or Paypal?

No, we accept cash, cash or cash.

What is your hygiene policy?

As previously stated, it’s our policy to uphold the high standards of work and hygiene that you would come to expect to find in the new millennium, without ever forgetting the customs and traditions of our noble art form’s past. Our hygiene policy is what you would expect to find in any tattoo studio.

All equipment must be either used once and disposed of, or cleaned in an ultrasonic tank and then vacuum sterilised, with all immediate surfaces disinfected THOROUGHLY. Also, a certificate showing registration with the local health authority should be on display. If it is not, walk out!

If in doubt about the hygiene procedure in any studio, don’t be shy, ASK! If a tattooist or staff at a studio are not willing to explain how things are done to your satisfaction, including us, walk out and find someone who will!


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